Monday, 10 October 2016

Africa Not Really Using IPR, IPR Lawyers Not Happy

African countries with fossil fuel and mineral resources are experiencing a growth spurt brought on by investment from Western countries and by China. As a result, the IPR maximalists are being drawn to the nascent opportunities to Lock Away All The Things! like flies to dung. Here's the fun part: despite the creation of the OAPI and the fact that a number of nations have signed up to the Madrid Protocol those dang Africans aren't registering patents, copyright, and trademarks on any and every idea. As a result it seems that there may be issues with the validity and enforceability of IPR that has been registered so far.

You know how IPR is supposed to create and maintain jobs? They're basically in the administration and enforcement of IPR, not in any actual creativity. Still, it's nice work if you can get it. Will you tell Wayne that African countries don't have the kind of mass affluence required to support a parasite industry like IPR enforcement or shall I?


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