Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Axl Rose DMCAs Photos Of Him That He Doesn't Own

I've blogged in On t'Internet about how some people who engage in unwise behaviours and regret it later on try to excise their peccadilloes from the search results by trying to get Google to de-index the links, which draws unwanted attention to the items they're trying to hide. Techdirt's Mike Masnick calls this the Streisand Effect.

This also applies to unflattering photos. Smart people try to get them down at source, but where celebrity photos are concerned, forget it. Once it's up there the best you can do is try not to talk about it too much and try to bury it with other pics. Beyoncé's publisher tried to get pictures deemed unflattering off Buzzfeed, which Streisanded them all over the internet and the media. If that wasn't bad enough, SB Nation has taken it upon itself to remind Queen Bey that "this is the internet" by annually celebrating the failure of her publicist to shift one pic.

In the case of Mr. Rose, then, one has to ask who the hell he's getting his advice off, since he is NOW trying to get unflattering images of himself (some of which have been made into cruel memes) removed from internet search results using the DMCA notice and takedown procedure. Oh wait, it's Web Sheriff. Never mind. Whatever Rose is smoking, he really needs to stop: Web Sheriff's bogus takedowns are aimed at photos taken by one Mr. Boris Minkevich of the Winnipeg Free Press; he owns the copyright, not Rose, because the minute he pushed the button the image was fixed in a tangible medium and copyright automatically assigned to the photograher, i.e. Minkevich. Basically, Web Sheriff doesn't have a leg to stand on but given their creative interpretation of copyright law (which boils down to, "Because I said so, stupid!"), they're not planning to stop.

Read more: https://torrentfreak.com/axl-rose-sends-dmca-notices-to-google-targeting-fat-photo-160605/

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